Why Your Ears May Feel Clogged

StephanieLemieux | October 4, 2018 | 14 | Accumulation , Blog

Sometimes there are times when we have to cover the ears deliberately, for example: to protect ourselves from noise, to bathe us using a water plug, etc. Although also, often the ears are plugged without performing any action.

Why does the sound dwindle when there seems to be nothing inside the external auditory channel? Here we details of the most common reasons why your ears may feel clogged.

Accumulation of cerumen

The creation of wax or earwax is the way the body protects the ear. Its sticky consistency catches dirt and other pollutants, acts as a lubricant and, as of course, it leaves the auditory channel itself, it serves as a car-cleaning agent. Occasionally, expulsion to the outside can be affected and alter the ability to listen when creating a plug inside the auditory canal.

According to the Otorhinolaryngology Academy, suffering from a critical wax or cement accumulation in the fall, it may have given rise to the following symptoms:

A feeling of clogged ear


Partial hearing loss


Smell or secretion

A cough

The only way to know for sure, and to remove the wax safely from the affected ear, is to consult a doctor (ORL). Keep in mind that it is never appropriate to try to remove the wax using a stick. Not only could it damage the tympanum it could accidentally pierce it or push the wax more in-depth into the channel.

Removing this natural protective lubricant can lead to the development of dry ears and itching. It is best to let an auditive professional determine if your ears need or not a deeper cleaning.

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