What Is Meant By ‘Audiological Care’?

StephanieLemieux | October 2, 2018 | 3 | Audiology , Blog

Audiology is the teaching of hearing. The basic knowledge of this is how the hearing organ functions. Then the route follows how the heard sounds are perceived, how they are subsequently distinguished (discriminated against), categorized, recognized and interpreted as meaningful in the current life situation. The possibilities to develop this route are generally present at birth.

The ‘speech/language development’ is very gradual in the first years of life, almost naturally with most children. However, a disorder in being able to hear can cause the speech/language development to go wrong. It is not the only possible reason, but it is true that if speech/language development does not go well to hearing impairment, it should be considered as a probable cause.

Nowadays, a malfunctioning hearing function will often have been noticed earlier thanks to neonatal (hearing) screening. This research can be done immediately after birth. When a hearing function is impaired, attention is directly paid to the consequences, especially about sound communication. After all, the parent-child relationship has been built up since birth, certainly also through the audio transmission.

In addition to studying whether or not to hear well, audiology is also concerned with the consequences of a limitation of sound perception.

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